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The Fullness Of God’s Direction
Submitted by Clay Sikes

There is hidden manna available to us (Revelation 2:17), but as with everything hidden, it must be found, and to find we must first seek. As we add years to our life, we should add life to our years. Hidden manna produces quality of life issues, but only those with hungry hearts will benefit from finding the abundance Jesus spoke of in John 10:10. When we know better we do better. What good is it if we are making great time on the road to nowhere? Success in worldly terms is empty. Only those of us who have truly experienced this know how true this is. Those seeking it are often unable to accept this concept because any truth that goes against common belief is never accepted easily. God once said to me that “Ignorance often comes disguised as tradition.” My traditional thoughts are often my greatest enemy to hearing God for new direction. With that in mind, I can assuredly say that to chase anything but the nuggets of God’s truth is dangerous (Matthew 6:32), because when you choose any action, you choose its consequences as well. As we place God first (Matthew 6:33), those nuggets fall into place. The following, I believe, is one of those nuggets.

Dickie Welch and I have walked together in the things of God since the beginning of my Spiritual life, 25 years ago. Often our conversations reflect upon our testimony, which is more often than not filled with the mistakes we have made spiritually. Recently, we had such a conversation, and both agreed that one of the greatest problems we face in maturing in the things of God’s Spirit is having the patience to ‘wait upon God’s specific instruction once we have heard God speak directionally.’

The Word tells us, “With wisdom (God’s direction), get understanding (God’s how to).” Often, in our zeal, we hear God and take off using intellect and reasoning to accomplish God’s purpose. This is a great mistake! It has taken me many years and much hardship to understand, or better said, have a true revelation of this scripture. “How will a man inherit the promise of God? Through faith and patience.” Often we are strong on the “faith” portion of scripture and short on the “patience.” Patience requires we wait, divorce ourselves from the arena of logic and reason, and trust that God will lead us to specifics by His Spirit.

At the end of one of my greatest failures as a Christian, the Lord spoke II Samuel 6:1-13 to me. I literally faced crushing defeat in an area I thought I had heard God give strong direction. I poured all I had into fulfilling what He was telling me to do; yet at the end of almost seven years of effort I had failed and failed miserably, bringing much reproach and difficulty upon myself and those around me. It was not that I had heard God incorrectly; I clearly heard His direction, but what I did was fairly common scripturally and even among many of today’s strong Christian leaders. In II Samuel 6:1-13, David clearly heard God to bring the Ark of God back to the City of David. In David’s zeal he had the ark placed upon the back of oxen, and during the trip the ark tipped and almost fell, only to have one of the priests walking along side reach out to steady the falling ark. Once the ark was touched by human hands, death was instant! For three months David left the ark near the place of this catastrophe, only to discover that the family with whom the ark was placed experienced unexplained blessing. “With wisdom, get understanding.” David had God’s wisdom; bring the ark back to God’s people, but lacked the ‘how to.’

In researching the rest of this story you will find that David sought God for specific instruction as to how to move the Ark of God, and in so doing found that moving the ark required specific instruction. Why did this story make it into God’s Word? As an example; to warn us! Often what is initiated by God’s Spirit ends up a work of the flesh! We see it in Church, ministry, Bible Studies, Christian business, relationships, etc.,

It is very easy to enter back into following our weak mental thinking (not allowing the Spirit to direct us) if we do not stay in a flow with the Father (Galatians 3:3). If we don’t stay in prayer, the Word, and spending quality time with Him, we will again tend to think like mere men. We must abide in the Vine to separate God’s supernatural thinking from our natural thinking. Once one has tasted the directional wisdom of God, anything else is second best, yet somehow, to our detriment, we retreat back into what is familiar. When adversity comes, strangely, the sins of our past rise up to comfort us. The strength of the oppressor lies in the ignorance of the oppressed.

In fact, one of the most natural things to occur as we move deeper into the things of God is to simply retreat into our natural thinking for direction: it has been our source our entire life. Learning to depend on another source requires revelation and practice, and to practice (apply) the ways of the Spirit requires faith. Our conduct (thinking) must be of the Spirit and not of the flesh (natural thinking). Do not be a natural thinker and deny yourself the highest form of intelligence – Divine intelligence. Make your major decisions by the Spirit. God does not only want to tell you what to do (give direction), but how and when to do it. This will require a deeper level of maturity (trust) and a higher level of intimacy.

Our mistakes (testimony) coupled with God’s Word (Galatians 3:3, 4) in this arena should speak volumes to us as to the importance of learning to think with the mind of the Spirit. Learn from your mistakes: learn what God is saying to you from those mistakes. Our past failures are not failures unless we do not learn from them. Only those who have failed and refuse to try again are those who live with death. The acceptance of responsibility of failure is the principle on which success is made. God will allow failure to impart truth if there is simply no other way.

Galatians 3: 3, 4 – “Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort? Have you suffered so much for nothing – if it really was for nothing?” Grasp what God’s Word is telling us here. Once you have heard God’s direction, wait until you hear him tell you how and when to accomplish the task. Remember, “His sheep hear His voice; the voice of a stranger they will not hear.”

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